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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

PESEdit 2010 FIFA World Cup Patch RELEASED! - Update 1.1

Features list (1.1 update):
  • New kitserver version (fixed bug with new Puma kit model from DLC 1.7)
  • New Soccer City (made by Pat)
  • New Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium (made by inside181, EPT Team)
  • New real World Cup Scoreboard
  • New real Replay Logo
  • New real World Cup Adboards
  • Corrected lineups
  • Many faces for all teams (+25)
  • Updated hairstyles for many players
  • Many new and updated kits
  • Real inscriptions for the kits (e.g. Adidas teams, Portugal etc.)
  • Umlauts (Ü, Ö) for Germany kits
  • Updated Nike Elite Boots
  • Updated Puma v1.10 Tricks and PWR-C Tricks Boots
  • Real shirt names for ALL PLAYERS
  • Real boots for most players
  • Fixed Spanish Main Menu texts
  • Fixed problems with South American languages
  • Fixed some more little bugs

Features list (1.0):
  • Uses Official Konami DLC 1.07 and the included faces and kits
  • All correct Squads and Numbers (including the latest changes such as Nani OUT Amorim IN)
  • Correct stadia (Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Nelspruit)
  • Vuvuzela sound during matches
  • All new menu in glorious yellow and red colours
  • Correct World Cup groups when starting the cup
  • New World Cup styled flags for all national teams
  • Official FIFA Scoreboard with correct teamnames
  • New position logos
  • New special Soundtrack with African, Football & Summer themed tracks.
  • Newest World Cup boots added and assigned to correct players
  • (Adidas Predator X Black/Sun, Adidas adiPure III Black/Sun, adidas adiZero all colors, Puma v1.10 Tricks, Puma PowerCat 1.10 Tricks, Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra White/Navy, Nike Elite Range)
  • Correct kits for all teams, including many possible combinations to choose from
  • Correct Faces for most players + relinked special hairs to edit players for more realism
  • Many new faces created by PESEDIT Team especially for this patch!
  • Newest Hairstyles for all players
  • and more things I forgot...

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